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About Us

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The Pain Care Center is a pain treatment center located close to Tampa, FL. We specialize in the interventional and medical management of any type of pain including but not limited to migraines, cervical/thoracic/lumbar spine pain, pain from cancer, general back pain, and pain from nerve compression. Dr. Botero is a compassionate, certified, and knowledgeable specialist. Assisted by an incredible staff, the Pain Care Center can help you feel healthier more alive again.


Our Procedures

Two Doctors - Pain Treatment in Plant City, FL
Our office provides the most current interventions available for pain control. Procedures performed include pulsed and continuous lesion Radio-frequency for treatment of neck and low back, shoulder pain and sympathetically mediated pain (RSD, CRPS), etc. Spinal Cord Stimulator trials and implants for the treatment of neuropathic and radiculopathic (Sciatic pain), failed back surgery and sympathetically mediated pain. Transforaminal and regular Epidural Steroid Injections for radiculopathic (sciatic) pain. Nerve blocks, joint injections, sympathetic blocks, sacroiliac joint blocks, trigger points and Botox injections for treatment of headache/migraine, temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and pyriformis syndrome. We also evaluate and control patients for Morphine pump implants and refills.

Procedures are performed in our facility with the latest and most current equipment available. We use a state of the art Fluoroscopic X-Ray machine and the Radio-frequency (RF) equipment is one of the latest in the market. Medications and specialized needles are disposable and scrupulous sterilization techniques are maintained.